Carlo Alberto Scola

MSc Student


That’s life, you know. We never end up where you thought you wanted to be. [M.E.]

Hi ! Ciao! Hej!

I'm and this is my personal blog where sometimes I put down some tutorials or notes or just some solutions of problems I've gone through.

Hope you can find something interesting.

I am always more interested in the world of Linux based operative systems and especially in network engineering and security. I consider myself as a never ending student and I really care about how things work effectively.. and efficiently. I am constantly improving my knowledge for a cyber security career (penetration testing, red teaming and blue teaming).

In my free time I develop and manage websites and e-commerce, I like to be always up to date with events happening in the IT sector and be part of learning communities.
Go CeSeNa, go!


You want to chat? you want to ask something? you need a security assessment/penetration test?

Feel free to contact me at .

Here is my PGP key

sha256sum 8c4feb54fe0c6f57d91b6bc69d27725e8ddcef60030295d4f330e96f5e387a0d